Dynamic Bus Ads - Wade Promotions, LLC produces large format, truly dynamic bus advertising in Northern and Central Michigan (currently in 21 counties and growing).

Unlike your typical, small bus ad - Our standard size "Rolling Billboard" covers nearly 50% of the side of the bus!  And unlike your typical billboard, our displays are viewed up close and EVERYWHERE in the market area!  This provides the impact value you desire for your business at perhaps the lowest cost per 1000 views of any form of advertising.

The questions get asked before the ads go on! It's really about you.

Our goal is to produce an ad that truly works for your business.  We ask the right questions to quantify your specific needs before we even think about designing your ad.  What (specifically) do you want to market?  Who do you want to reach?  What do you want them to feel about your product or service?  We then turn on the creativity to produce a dynamic, head turning ad that saturates the area with your message.