It's hard to believe this is the rear of a bus!  What a great optical illusion.   The smaller picture in the lower right shows the bus this ad was on.  Contact us!  We can create a virtual 3D bus ad for your business!Another nice rear bus ad!   A huge virtual load of fruit.  Colorful bus ads get noticed!One of my FAVORITE bus ads of all time!  A fantastic design!  The bus actually becomes an important part of the ad!  Do you have an idea for using the bus as a prop in an ad for your business?   

Call me!  Lets design an eye catching bus ad for YOUR BUSINESS!  989 345-4875A close up view of one of my FAVORITE bus ads of all time.  (I wish I would have designed this ad!)   May we design a creative HIGH IMPACT bus ad for your business?Here's an ad that is obviously designed for the city!  Imagine all the attention this ad received from the upper level executives!  VERY COOL!  Another example of using part of the bus as a prop for the ad.  I'm sure it looks like the camera is focusing in when the bus moves. Very NICE!   Kudos to the Designer!

May we design a creative ad for your business?  Please call us!  How cool is this ad?!  Do you think it got noticed?  The motion of the door (shark's mouth) is another example of how bus advertising is COMPLETELY UNIQUE!   Buses offer the built in advantage of MOTION!  Motion catches the eye and creates impact!  

Let's create some impact for YOUR BUSINESS!A nice use of space!  I doubt the view will take this bus for "Granite". lolAnother creative use for a moving part of the bus!  Now if they can only make it play.....

Call us to design an ad for your business!  Lets generate some MAJOR IMPACT!  989 345-4875Imagine the "double takes" this ad gets!  Can your billboard do this?  Very cool!  

I've designed several bus ads similar to this and I love the eye catching effect of using the bus tires in the ad.  Call me for a chance to design your bus ad!  989 345-4875I've got my eyes on you!  And I bet there are more than a few eyes on this bus ad!

Nicely done!  

Let's design a bus ad that gets your business NOTICED!  Call us!  989 345-4875LOL  Check out the people hanging out the windows of the bus HOLDING A GIANT FISH!!

Is that creative or what?  Do you have any ideas of how we can creatively market your business??  Call us!  989 345-4875Perhaps my favorite rear bus ad of all time!  This guy appears to smoke for real!  

I'd like to design an ad like this for one of those electric cigerate companies.  Very cool!Just a nice example of the impact of a rear bus ad.  Imagine all the cars that stop directly behind this bus every day!   Major IMPACT at every stop light, stop sign, RR crossing, and bus stop in town!
They kiss every time someone gets on the bus.  Very eye catching!  What a great way to take advantage of a moving part of the bus!

Let's design an eye catching bus ad for YOUR BUSINESS!  Call us: 989 345-4875

A product demonstration at every turn!  LOL  Do you think people talk about this ad?  You bet they do!  

I wonder if the artist used his own picture for this ad?  (or perhaps his boss?) lolI love how the bus passengers can look out the airplane windows.  The passengers actually help this ad be effective.WOW!  Not that's some laundry!  I'm not sure my transit would like me to design an ad like this! lol

Very colorful.  Very noticeable.Who would have thought about running the bus on a couple of duracell batteries?  Apparently the graphic designer of this rear bus ad did (And so did thousands of daily viewers)!So COOL!  Would this bus ad catch your eye?!  It definately caught mine.  I love the use of the bus tires and the feeling of "action".  This is an effect I've used several times in my own designs.

Perhaps I can design a bus ad for your business!  Call me: 989 345-4875While not a bus ad, I love the use of space in this ad.  This ad may be a "proof" and not an actual picture of the ad on the road.  Regardless - A very nice design!Looks like they're having a party on this bus!  A fun design that I'm sure gets a lot of attention.Another example of using the bus tire to add motion to the ad.  This time it's a DJ.  Perhaps this bus would fair better than most in an accident!    Very eye catching...Isn't that the point?  Can a billboard have this kind of impact?   I don't think so.It appears this motorcycle has lost a tire!  Very nice design in the "Life comes at you fast" series of bus ads. 

Perhaps we could design an ad for your business!  Give us a call at 989 345-4875.Can you identify who's skateboarding through town?  A very nice, well thought out bus ad.  I really like what they did with the bus tires....This guy will get your attention!  The use of shadowing helps to complete the illusion of a guy scaling the rear of the bus.

It reminds me of the ad I designed for a drywall company.How about a giant beer?  Again - what a great way to draw attention to your ad - Just ad motion (in this case the tires).

A full bus wrap.  All the people are eating snickers (and are see through graphics).  I like the guy in the back reaching for the person hanging on for dear life.  A cool effect!

3D effects are great tools for getting your ad noticed.  Call us!  How might we design a bus ad for your business? Looks like the water might flow right out of this bus!  I like the use of negative space in this design.  The image is impacting and very noticeable.  

Very cool!Just out walking the dogs lol.  I like the motion of the dogs in this picture moving along with the motion of the bus.  Most people will see the dogs and then turn to see the guy on the back as the bus goes by.  Very cool effect!Check out the use of shadowing in this ad to make the subjects look real.   Very nice.  Very noticeable.
Welcome to the Dyanamic Bus Ad Museum!   We've searched the web to bring you the following collection of the most creative bus ads in the world!  

We can create bus ads like these for your business!  Let's talk! (989) 632-3222
The following bus ads were designed by Wade Promotions -
Client: Insurance Center
Transit: Thunder Bay Transit Authority
Area: Alpena, MI

This ad was designed using a photo we took of one of the Alpena fire trucks.   Similar to other ads in the Bus Ad Museum - We utilized the back wheel of the bus as the front wheel of the fire truck.  This adds motion to the ad and really turns heads!
Client: American Waste
Transit: BATA
Area: Traverse City, MI

Another ad using the wheel of the bus as the wheel in the ad.  In this ad we used a photo of one of the American Wast Trucks.   We arranged the truck window to match up with the bus window so riders in the bus look like they're driving the garbage truck.  Kids really like this ad.
Client: Jim's Body Shop
Transit: Clare County Transit
Area: Clare County, MI

Winner of an "Addy" award by the American Advertising Federation in 2011, this ad really turns heads as it screams "TuffBed is Tough!"
Client: Lehner's Collision
Transit: Ogemaw County Public Transit
Area: Ogemaw County, MI

As with all of our ad designs, we work with the advertiser to determine and advertise their "Bread and Butter" product or service.    "Best advertising we've ever bought" (Tim Lehner, Owner Lehner's Collision).